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Traveling During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Everything about Covid 19 is ‘Relative Risk’.

There is no zero risk.

Unfortunately with increased Covid 19 illness throughout the US and most of the world, everyone’s risk of coming in contact with Covid 19 and becoming ill is also increasing. Travel outside of Maryland, and contacts outside of your usual immediate group/family puts you and your family at somewhat increased risk, depending on the care you take in travel, and during contact with others

What’s the highest risk?
Travel to or visits from individuals in states with Covid 19 positivity rates higher than 10%. This link will show you up to date positivity rates in each state:

How can I decrease the risk?
Very careful travel, using your own car and having almost no people contact during travel. And at your destination, having a very small contact group, and only with individuals who have been very careful about their own contacts in the two weeks prior to travel. Use of masks, social distancing, and careful handwashing is a necessity.

What’s the best choice? Don’t go.
Our offices assess your risk in the same way, every time you are scheduled to come to visit us, in order to keep you and our space as safe as can be. We must consider your family’s degree of increased contact, and if there is significant potential for increased Covid 19 exposure. We may need to reschedule a non-urgent (wellness or non-acute illness) appointment if it occurs within 2 weeks of your family having traveled out of state.

We also want to remind you of the State of Maryland’s Guidance on Travel. On July 29, 2020, Robert R. Neall, Secretary of Health advised that all Marylanders:

  • refrain from non-essential travel outside of Maryland.
  • get tested for Covid 19 promptly upon return to Maryland and self-quarantine until a negative result is received
  • avoid travel to a state with a Covid 19 positivity rate above 10%.

Additionally, those traveling TO Maryland are advised to get themselves tested and have negative results within 72 hours BEFORE traveling to Maryland.

We realize this is all inconvenient but it is what each of us must do at this time to protect our communities. We appreciate your understanding of our policies, in advance, as we strive to keep you and our offices safe and healthy. As always, your Main Street Pediatrics physician is happy to help you with your decision-making.