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Bonnie Orzech, MD Provider Pearl – “Breast Feeding”

By Bonnie Orzech, MD

Although breastfeeding is a very natural thing that mothers and babies have been doing for
thousands of years … it doesn’t always come naturally! Don’t get discouraged! Take full
advantage of the wonderful lactation support at the nursery where your baby is born. But also
realize that 3 different people may be giving 6 different pieces of advice – that doesn’t mean
any are right or wrong, you will sift through what works best for you and your baby.

Surround yourself with “breast feeding positive” friends and family for continued good advice,
and change the topic to the weather or your favorite sports team for any who have negative
things to say. And of course, your pediatrician is another source of good advice to monitor your
progress and help get you and baby started.

Breast feeding.

Consider purchasing or renting a good quality electric double breast pump in advance of delivery, or find out if the nursery where you will be delivering can coordinate with your insurer to provide one before you leave the hospital. You may not need one at all, or not until later. But if you do have difficulty with latching or sore nipples, waiting until there is a problem can lead to delays.

What to expect –First few days, baby doesn’t need much – by putting baby to breast early and
often, they are getting colostrum. Expect your milk to come in around the 3-5 th day.

How much / how long / how often should baby nurse? Until they are done. There are no ounce
marks on the breast, and babies don’t tell time. Attempt to put baby to breast whenever they
seem interested. In general expect around every 1-3 hours.

How will I know if my baby’s getting enough? We will be checking weight at every visit, and you
will be helping by tracking baby’s diaper output. Expect at least a couple of wet diapers / day
the first few days till your milk comes in, then as the nursing takes off expect to see more wet
diapers – when you are seeing 6 or more wet diapers / day, you’ve got it made!

If you are having difficulty, don’t wait till you are tearing your hair out with frustration. Call
lactation services where you delivered, or our office.

Finally, sometimes even when doing everything “right” there is still difficulty. If you end up
supplementing with formula or changing over all together, that is FINE. Despite being big
lactation supporters, we are even bigger supporters of mother AND baby wellness. The BEST
feeding for your baby is the method that ends up working best for BOTH of you. You and baby
will be seeing us several times in the first days and months to help answer any questions you
may have, and feel free to contact the office if needed in between visits with concerns.

Bon Appetit!

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