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Home » News & Events » Rose Mulaikal, MD Provider Pearl – “School Age Child Does Not Sleep”

Rose Mulaikal, MD Provider Pearl – “School Age Child Does Not Sleep”

By Rose Mulaikal, MD

When parents are concerned their school age child does not sleep, here is my response:
Avoid eating late night dinners
Keep same sleep schedule for wake and sleep 7 days a week
Avoid afternoon naps
If sleepy take a shower
Exercise for a few minutes may wake you up.
Turn off all electronics at least 1-2 hrs before bedtime. This is difficult but we need to try.
Keep all electronics outside bedroom even in silent mode (often a temptation to peek when not
able to sleep).

school age child does not sleep.

No clocks in bedroom. When you cannot fall asleep looking at the time can be stressful If you have a clock turn the clock face away from you. If you wake up try not to get out of bed except to go to bathroom. Continue to lay down and try counting 1-100 slowly with eyes gently shut. May have to repeat. In children if you can teach them to make their beds that would be great. If room looks tidy the bed is inviting at night to rest. A messy room/ or clutter is not good for the brain. I encourage parents to role model as much as they can.

If this does not work try again. Expect this to take time but great to work and try again. Try not
to give up quickly.  This needs effort and we can try to work on this consistently.
Talk to us if you have tried and is not working.

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