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Children’s Mental Health in Towson and Foundry Row, MD

Depression, anxiety and ADHD are common in children and adolescents. Substance use is becoming increasingly prevalent among adolescents.

At Main Street Pediatrics, we are dedicated to providing exceptional pediatric care for children and adolescents in Towson and Foundry Row, MD. Our focus extends beyond physical health to include the crucial area of children’s mental health. We understand that conditions like depression, anxiety, and ADHD are common among young individuals, and we are committed to addressing these challenges with comprehensive assessments, accurate diagnoses, and evidence-based treatments tailored to each child’s unique needs.

To schedule an appointment with Main Street Pediatrics, please call (410) 494-1369 if you are in the Towson area, or (410) 526-7993 if you are in Foundry Row. Trust Main Street Pediatrics for exceptional pediatric care in Towson and Foundry Row, where we prioritize both physical and mental health. Contact us today and let us support your child’s well-being journey.


When your child begins school, we will monitor your child’s progress. If you, or your child’s teachers has concerns about how your child is progressing, please let us know. One common cause of school challenges is ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder). This may manifest as trouble focusing or paying attention, being excessively fidgety, having behavior outbursts or seeming to have non-stop energy.

We use several tools to screen for ADHD, most commonly one called the Vanderbilt Scale. We are able interpret Vanderbilt checklist results, and if suggestive of ADHD, we can work with families to develop a treatment plan for ADHD, including medication, requesting school accommodations and referring for targeted behavior therapy.


We start to screen for depression at all well visits starting at age 12. These are completed confidentially as many depressed children and teens may be afraid to disclose their feelings. We use a screening questionnaire called PHQ-9 at the beginning of the well visit and allow time at the end to discuss the results with your child as well as with the parents.

If the questionnaire is suggestive of depression, we can work with families to develop a treatment plan, which may include a discussion of lifestyle modification, medication or referral to a therapist or psychiatrist.


It is estimated that 1 out of 5 children will experience significant anxiety during childhood. We use a number of screening tools to screen for anxiety, the most important of which is simply getting to know our families well and providing comprehensive and wholistic medical care. If your child has anxiety (or is simply an anxious type), we are able to work with families to develop a treatment plan, which may include a discussion of lifestyle modification, medication or referral to a therapist or psychiatrist.

Drug and alcohol use

We start to screen for drug and alcohol use at all well visits starting at age 12. We use a screening tool called CRAFFT (which stands for Car, Relax, Alone, Forget, Friends, Trouble). Find out more about this questionnaire.

Like our Depression screen, this questionnaire is filled out confidentially. This is important because we see honest communication with your child is the most effective way for us to advise him or her about risky behaviors.

Schedule a Mental Health Consultation in Townson, MD

At Main Street Pediatrics, we believe that early intervention and ongoing support are essential for promoting children’s mental health. Our experienced team of pediatric specialists utilizes evidence-based approaches to effectively address conditions such as depression, anxiety, and ADHD in children and adolescents. We also emphasize the importance of preventive care and provide valuable resources and guidance to parents and caregivers. With a focus on creating a nurturing and supportive environment, Main Street Pediatrics strives to empower children and families to lead healthy, happy lives. Contact us today at (410) 494-1369 for our Towson location or (410) 526-7993 for our Foundry Row location to schedule an appointment and experience the difference of our comprehensive and compassionate approach to pediatric care.

The bivalent COVID vaccine (also known as the Omicron variant COVID-19 vaccine) is now approved for all ages 6 months or over.

What this may mean for your child/children:

1) If they have received the bivalent COVID-19 vaccine already, then you are considered fully vaccinated at this point.

2) If your child is between 6 months and 5 years old, and have either not started the vaccine series, or have only partially completed the series, they will need to receive the bivalent vaccine(s) to complete that series.

3) If your child is 5 years or older and has never received the bivalent COVID-19 vaccine, they likely have some antibody protection to COVID-19 and need just a single bivalent vaccine to be considered completely vaccinated.

If you have any questions about your child’s COVID-19 vaccine needs, please contact our office. You can contact our office at Towson by calling (410) 494-1369 or our Foundry Row location at (410) 526-7993.