Who We Are!

At Main Street Pediatrics, we believe in traditional pediatric care and caring. Here's what sets us apart:

  • We work with your hospital for your newborn's care. (We have privileges at Sinai Hospital, Greater Baltimore Medical Center and St. Joseph Medical Center.)
  • We offer you an individual dedicated Board certified pediatrician, who sees you for the vast majority of your visits, gets to know you and coordinates all your care.
  • Only our pediatricians cover our practice, day and night.
  • We regularly communicate with each other, if one of us sees or talks to a family, so your primary pediatrician is aware and can follow-up.
  • We get reports from consultants, hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care centers, to try to assure your child receives the best care possible.
  • We dedicate an appropriate amount of time for each illness and well visit, so that issues and concerns can be discussed.
  • We make ourselves available by phone 24/7 and by email/messaging via our patient portal for more routine issues.
  • We prefer to see our own patients and assure you receive the careful comprehensive care you deserve for any illness / issue. Call us anytime for urgent issues and we'll figure out how best to proceed. If we can see you and save you from avoidable/expensive urgent care and emergency room visits, we are happy to do so.
  • We will come into the office Saturday and Sunday for illness visits. (Call early on Saturday or Sunday mornings, 8-930am.)
  • You can also now go on-line with the Everseat App and make an appointment with your doctor for the next day (very helpful in the evening or at night).

At Main Street Pediatrics, we offer the best doctors, dedicated to providing the highest quality, comprehensive, and compassionate pediatric care that we can. We love what we do!



HPV Vaccine: Why is it important?

Here at Main Street Pediatrics we feel strongly about the benefits of the HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccine for your child. Evidence has shown that the younger you are when you are vaccinated, the more protected you are from getting infected. The vaccine has been shown to be safe, effective and is FDA approved starting at 9 years of age. Therefore, we will start recommending the HPV vaccine at 9 years of age.

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Risks of HPV:

  • 20 million people in the US currently have HPV and 6 million are infected each year. Half of those new infections occur between ages 15-26
  • HPV is initially asymptomatic and most people do not know that they are infected
  • HPV is the cause of:
    • Genital warts
    • Abnormal Pap smears (cervical dysplasia)
    • Cervical, head, neck, anal and penile cancers

Benefits of vaccination:

  • The HPV vaccine prevents cancer
  • HPV vaccines are close to 100% effective for the prevention of HPV infection and cervical pre-cancerous lesions in young women

Benefits of early vaccination:

  • Studies have shown that the immune response after the vaccine is two times higher in those 9-15 years of age compared to those 16-26 years of age
  • For this reason, if your child gets the vaccine before they turn 15 years of age, they only need 2 shots. If they are older, they will need 3 shots
  • Your child will be protected before the potential for exposure is possible

Risks of vaccination:

  • The most common side effects include:
    • Pain, redness and tenderness at the injection site
    • Low-grade fever
    • Passing out (This is due to the stress response of getting a shot and can happen with any vaccine. We will monitor your child for 15 min before they leave the office)
    • Allergic reaction (readily treatable)
  • Studies have not shown any long-term risks from the HPV vaccine
    • The HPV vaccine has been around since 2006 and there is substantial data supporting that it is a safe and effective vaccine

Information used for this handout and other useful information can be found at:

Dr. Amil Qureshi to join our Towson office

Starting February 1, 2021, Dr. Amil Qureshi will begin practicing with us at our Towson office. Dr. Qureshi comes to us with over 25 years experience from Providence Community Health Centers (RI) and Lehigh Valley Physician Group (PA) where he has served as Pediatrician, Medical Director and Quality Improvement Coordinator.

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Dr. Qureshi completed his Pediatric Residency at Hershey Medical Center, and holds degress of Doctor of Osteopathy from NY College of Osteopathic Medicine, Master of Medical Management from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor of Science from the State University of NY, Albany.

Dr Qureshi is quite an accomplished and caring Pediatrician. He has particular interests in helping new families care for young infants and children, and in transitions into and through adolescence.

Call to make your appointment with Dr. Qureshi now.

Ill children can now be tested for Covid19 at Main Street Pediatrics’ offices

As always, Main Street Pediatrics wants to be as helpful as we can be, to your family when you need us.

On the illness side of our offices: We are now able to offer the gold standard PCR test for those children that we see for any illness that might suggest a Covid diagnosis. We have expanded those sick office times, and all testing is done in full protective equipment. Appointments must be pre-screened and scheduled by our offices, so please call us if you have illness concerns. This service is also available weekend mornings by calling between 8 and 10am.

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On our well side:Both offices continue our remarkably careful precautions to offer you the best and safest care available. Well visits are scheduled in a staggered fashion, with prescreening one day in advance of an appointment and at the door.Our staff escorts one adult with a child to your thoroughly cleaned exam room, masked, face-shielded and 6 foot distanced. Separate entrances and exits are used for well and sick patients so there is no contact. Don’t miss your child’s well visit to maintain your family’s health, happiness and well-being.

Call us if we can help with any concerns

Travel and Your Family During the COVID Pandemic

Everything about Covid 19 is ‘Relative Risk’.

There is no zero risk.

Unfortunately with increased Covid 19 illness throughout the US and most of the world, everyone’s risk of coming in contact with Covid 19 and becoming ill is also increasing.Travel outside of Maryland, and contacts outside of your usual immediate group / family puts you and your family at somewhat increased risk, depending on the care you take in travel, and during contact with others

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What’s the highest risk?
Travel to or visits from individuals in states with Covid 19 positivity rates higher than 10%. This link will show you up to date positivity rates in each state: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/testing/individual-states

How can I decrease the risk?
Very careful travel, using your own car, and having almost no people contact during travel. And at your destination, having a very small contact group, and only with individuals who have been very careful about their own contacts in the two weeks prior to travel. Use of masks, social distancing and careful hand washing are a necessity.

What’s the best choice? Don’t go.
Our offices assess your risk in the same way, every time you are scheduled to come visit us, in order to keep you and our space as safe as can be. We must consider your family’s degree of increased contact, and if there is significant potential for increased Covid 19 exposure. We may need to reschedule a non-urgent (wellness or non-acute illness) appointment if it occurs within 2 weeks of your family having travelled out of state.

We also want to remind you of the State of Maryland’s Guidance on Travel. On July 29, 2020, Robert R. Neall, Secretary of Health advised that all Marylanders:

  • refrain from non-essential travel outside of Maryland.
  • get tested for Covid 19 promptly upon return to Maryland and self-quarantine until a negative result is received
  • avoid travel to a state with a Covid 19 positivity rate above 10%.

Additionally, those traveling TO Maryland are advised to get themselves tested and have negative results within 72 hours BEFORE travel to Maryland.

We realize this is all inconvenient but it is what each of us must do at this time to protect our communities. We appreciate your understanding of our policies, in advance, as we strive to keep you and our offices safe and healthy. As always, your Main Street Pediatrics physician is happy to help you with your decision-making.

Be Certain You Get Your Influenza Vaccine This Year

Dear families,

We are delighted to announce that we will receive our first shipment of influenza vaccine for privately insured families the last week in August. For our families who are insured through the state of Maryland (Medical Assistance/MCO) we have not received a date for your flu vaccine shipment. We will let you know as soon as we receive notification.

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It is tremendously important to get your entire family vaccinated this year, as early as possible. We recommend September and October as best. If your child already has a well visit scheduled, we will offer it to them at that time. You do not need to schedule a separate appointment time.

Influenza ('the flu') on its own causes substantial prolonged illness and hospitalization each year, including 30,000 to 60,000 deaths in the US on average.

This year though, with Covid-19 in our communities, getting infected with the flu will be much more problematic, requiring evaluation for Covid, isolation and quarantine for the child and family contacts, and potentially decreasing one's available immune response to Covid.

Call, or email us through your child's patient portal, to make an appointment as soon as possible. We will be having influenza vaccine 'clinics' in a socially distanced and protected fashion, at designated weekday and weekend times.

We are also happy to offer flu vaccines to parents and siblings six months and older at the same time. We ask that you schedule these additional flu shots in advance of your appointment. This will ensure that we have the appropriate time, space and staff allocated to your family. Please note that since we are not the physician of record for parents, there is a fee for service charge of $35 for each parental flu vaccine. This charge can be submitted for reimbursement to your insurer. We do ask parents to register and pay in advance on-line to manage your family's time and care in the office most efficiently.

Main Street Pediatrics remains happy to protect you as well as help you with all your child's and family's needs.

Insurance company coverage issues and you

Dear families,

Many Insurance Companies and Maryland Medical Assistance expanded coverage during the past several months, recognizing the dire need for increased access to physicians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Unfortunately, insurance carriers are now cutting back on these measures. Dates of change and the specific changes vary widely, but we want you to be aware of the possible impact on you and Main Street Pediatrics.

First and foremost: Main Street Pediatrics will not limit your appropriate access to our pediatricians. We remain available every day of the year, 24 hours per day. We will continue to offer Telehealth services or phone call services whenever they are appropriate, and we can always see you/your child in the office when that is indicated.

However, some insurers (check with your own, and complain if you need to) have decided to reduce their coverage of services, including:

1. discontinuing coverage of Telehealth well visits.

2. discontinuing coverage for telephone call visits.

3. reinstituting copays and deductibles for all services.

Main Street Pediatrics will continue to offer these services and charge appropriately to your insurance company. If your carrier does not honor our charges, it is possible that you will be billed for these services.

Main Street Pediatrics and your doctor are certainly concerned about the impact of fees on families, especially given the monetary strain of many during this pandemic. We do ask for payment within 30 days of receipt of billing (we need to pay our staff and our increased overhead too in this very difficult time). However, if you are unable to pay, please discuss a payment plan with our billing company and let your physician know if you are in financial distress.

Asthma medication during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear families,

It’s hard to believe that summer is ending and cold & flu season is just around the corner. It’s not clear what that will look like this year in the middle of social distancing and mask-wearing. Whatever ends up happening, we want you to be prepared.

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We wanted to give families with children who are asthmatics and use nebulizers for inhaled medications an important update before the “wheezing season” begins. Current data shows that nebulizers aerosolize (spread all over the room, enhancing disease transmission) coronavirus particles when used by someone who is infected with COVID 19. Remember that infected individuals do not always exhibit symptoms. As such, we are recommending that nebulizers not be used this Fall & Winter. In the event a nebulized medication is required during an emergency situation, it should be used in an isolated room with doors closed. Afterwards, that room should be empty for at least one hour and then thoroughly cleaned. We recommend that until coronavirus is under control (too early to say when that will be), you substitute a metered dose inhaler and spacer for inhaled medication delivery. Some families already have both devices and need to do nothing other than store the nebulizer away so no one uses it by mistake. If your child currently does not have an MDI/spacer, please call your doctor in the coming few weeks to learn about the specific options and recommendations for your family. Metered dose inhalers require some brief teaching, so a short visit in person or by telehealth, may be needed if you do not already have an appointment coming up.

Similarly, if you do need to come to our offices for a respiratory illness, Main Street Pediatrics will NOT be administering nebulized medication. We ask ALL ASTHMATICS to bring their albuterol inhalers and spacers with them to any respiratory sick visit. (In that way, we can use YOUR inhaler rather than any other for your child.)

And, as always, remember that getting an influenza vaccine (“The Flu Shot”) will also further protect the health of those who need inhaled medications. And, it is a public health bonus that it may prevent you and your child from needing to make a sick visit to a medical facility during the upcoming “respiratory virus season.”

Be well!

Forms and Form Fees, Need for Office COVID-19 Protection

Dear families,

Main Street Pediatrics, staff and doctors, want to make completed school, camp and other forms available to you as efficiently as we can.But we also have a real need to protect social distancing, and staff and family health during the COVID-19 epidemic.

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Please understand: bringing your forms to the office when you do not have a specific appointment makes it very difficult to maintain orderly social distanced spacing. Please do the following for form processing going forward:

Influenza ('the flu') on its own causes substantial prolonged illness and hospitalization each year, including 30,000 to 60,000 deaths in the US on average.

For Routine Forms:

1. Fill out ALL PORTIONS of the forms that ask for patient/parent identification and information.

2. Go online to www.mainstreetpeds.com, click on the “Pay Invoice” button and pay the applicable fee (see below) in advance in this touchless fashion. When the website requests an Invoice Number, you can enter your child's account number or 0000. (Please note that Medical Assistance, Medicare and MCO members have form fees already 'included' in government payments, and you do not need to pay separately.)

3. Enclose a note indicating the form fee has been prepaid.

4. If you do not have a scheduled well visit, MAIL us the forms via US Postal Service. Be sure to enclose a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope, so that we can mail the form back immediately upon completion.

5. You can bring forms with you to a well visit and you may be able to leave your appoinmtent with the completed forms, as work flow allows.

We do regret to inform you that we will be increasing the standard form fee from the current $10 (at that rate for nearly 20 years) to $15 effective 8/11/2020. (The complex form fee for FMLA, endocrine and similar forms will remain at $20.)

For Form Emergencies: Call us for a form 'emergency' and we will work with you to deliver the completed form within 48 hours. There is a surcharge of $20 for this special processing.

Please understand: School and Camp forms require a full chart review, recording of health information and vaccine records, and our physicians taking responsibility for school and athletic health and performance during the year.

If the form fee is an excessive burden due to financial stress, please speak with our billing group EHS and your Doctor about options.

Thank you for helping Main Street Pediatrics help you with forms in these stressful times.

COVID-19 Update 7/21/20

Dear families

We wanted to let you know that Main Street has successfully and safely welcomed back many of our families. We are now seeing well visits for all ages of patients.

In order to help keep our staff, doctors and families safe, we have established the following protocols:

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All patients who are ill with respiratory symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms, or who have a fever without an apparent source are seen late in the day in a completely separate and sanitized space via a separate entrance. Upon entering our office, patients are escorted immediately to their exam room.

For all other visits to our office, each patient and accompanying adult(s) are pre-screened by telephone the day before the appointment to ensure there are no respiratory symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms or fever, and that there has been no recent exposure to anyone with these symptoms.

In addition, all patients and accompanying adult(s) are screened again at the time of the appointment, including having their temperature checked. Any child or parent with respiratory symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms or a fever will have to re-schedule.

Whenever possible, only one adult should accompany the patient.

For all patients and family members who are two years old and older, you must wear a non-vented mask (note that masks with exhalation vents DO NOT prevent the spread of coronavirus to others and therefore are not allowed in our offices).

Due to the risks to our staff, doctors and patients, we have continued to suspend our walk-in clinic time.

We are offering telehealth visits whenever it is medically appropriate.

We value being able to care for you all in these complicated times.

COVID-19 Update 5/20/20

May 20, 2020

The health and well being of our MSP families is our number one priority. The doctors at Main Street are actively following the most current COVID-19 information and guidelines. Based on guidelines set out by Governor Hogan?s Executive Order, the CDC, and the State of Maryland Department of Health, we are very well prepared to care for your children in a safe and effective manner. Please click here for further details.

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WELL VISITS: We are only performing in person well visits for our youngest patients and those requiring updates of vaccinations or follow up of significant issues. These are being conducted in the first part of the day, via our main entrance, but in a dedicated wellness space, at a different time of day and with separate doctors and staff from our patients who have respiratory illnesses. We are restricting chaperones to one parent or guardian and requiring both parent and child to cover their nose and mouth with a mask or scarf. We will have curbside check-in to further pre-screen anyone who will be entering the office.

SICKNESS VISITS: We are performing in person respiratory illness visits in the afternoon, via a separate REAR entrance, in a completely sanitized space, with separate doctors and staff from our well patients. All illnesses will need to be screened by our staff by phone before an appointment is given. Only one parent may accompany the sick child to the office and both parent and child need to cover their nose and mouth with a mask or scarf.

TELEHEALTH: Most insurance companies will cover telehealth services for illness visits, medication follow-ups and even well check-ups. Our offices and doctors have been up and running with Telehealth for nearly two years. We use an easy, totally HIPAA compliant, well-trialed platform. There are many advantages you wil discover in talking with your personal physician regarding health and mental health issues. Telehealth visits for any appropriate situation can be conducted in either the morning or afternoon.

WHEN TO SEEK IMMEDIATE CARE If your child has a fever and is developing a significant cough with trouble breathing or shortness of breath, that is when we certainly need to hear from you. Please call and we will discuss whether we need to see your child, whether s/he SHOULD (eliminate: will) be referred to evaluate (eliminate: your) symptoms (eliminate for testing), or whether your child is fine to be cared for at home, quarantined away from others in your family.

COVID-19 Update 3/21/20

March 21, 2020

The Doctors of Main Street Pediatrics are here to help you with the care and wellness of your children. As we watch the numbers of COVID-19 rise in the US, it is normal to be concerned. Together we can help to limit the spread of this virus and to protect those most vulnerable to this disease.

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SOCIAL DISTANCING: The schools are closed, the malls and theaters are closed, and we all are practicing social distancing. What does this really mean. It means that even though you may feel well, we want you to limit contact with others, including other children. We want you to stay 6 feet away from others outside your intimate family members. When children play outside and go for walks and bike rides, they need to be six feet away from others.

WELL VISITS: We have changed our schedules to only allow well visits in the mornings, and only those that involve updates of vaccinations or follow up of urgent issues. Other routine well visits are being postponed to after this pandemic is over.

KEEPING OUR OFFICE OPEN: We need to keep our staff and doctors safe and healthy. PLEASE let us know before you come to our office if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or someone who is under observation for it. We need everyone having any respiratory symptoms or any exposure to keep their nose and mouth covered. PHONE CALLS: We are experiencing a large number of phone calls. We want to help everyone but we ask to follow the recommendations below to lessen the calls for minor illnesses.

MINOR ILLNESSES AND FEVERS: Children will continue to get upper respiratory illnesses- mainly involving the body above the neck- and may run fevers. Most regular viral illnesses may cause a fever for the first few nights, and minor symptoms may last 7-10 days. We do not need to see you for these minor illnesses. We want you to keep anyone with a fever over 100.4 away from others, encourage rest, fluids, and fever reducers, and watch for any worsening symptoms.

SIGNIFICANT SYMPTOMS: Children will still get ear infections and strep throat. It is appropriate to call for an appointment if you suspect your infant is experiencing an ear infection or a significant sore throat. These respiratory illnesses will be seen in the afternoons and will need to be screened by our staff by phone before an appointment is given. Only one parent should bring just the sick child to the office and anyone with symptoms needs to cover their nose and mouth with a mask or scarf.

CHRONIC ILLNESSES AND ASTHMA: To prevent any worsening symptoms with COVID-19, we encourage asthmatics to be in good control now. We encourage the use of inhalers more than nebulizers. Others with significant illnesses like cystic fibrosis or cancer need to consider self-quarantining themselves during this pandemic.

COVID-19: This virus is expected to infect many of us, and children thankfully have been experiencing less significant symptoms than adults. COVID-19 particularly causes lower respiratory symptoms- in the chest. If your child has a fever and is developing a significant cough with trouble breathing or shortness of breath, that is when we need to hear from you. Please call and we will discuss whether we need to see your child, whether s/he will be referred to evaluate your symptoms for testing, or whether your child is fine to be cared for at home, quarantined away from others in your family. We expect most children with COVID-19 symptoms will be cared for at home, will not need definitive testing, and will recover easily within their 14 day quarantine time. We do not test for COVID-19 in our office.

There are many good websites to answer questions and get advice from. Healthychildren.org gives great advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics and has ideas on keeping children active, emotionally and physically, during this time.

Try to encourage healthy children to get outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather, while keeping social distancing in mind. Encourage reading and board games. Enjoy this time together to talk with your family members. And remember laughter is great medicine too!

The Doctors of Main Street Pediatrics

How we can use Telehealth

March 30, 2020

Dear Main Street Families,

We hope you are doing well with your personal quarantines. As initial panic, anxiety and disbelief starts to soften into boredom, restlessness and routine, we wanted to thank you on behalf of ALL healthcare providers for staying home when possible to “flatten the curve” here in Maryland.

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We are continuing to see pre-screened, well visits for children who need vaccination in the mornings. We are using telehealth to manage more chronic issues (asthma follow ups, medication checks) and acute issues (cold and allergy symptoms, asthma flares and injuries). And for those who need to come in to be seen (throat cultures and concerns about ear infections), we are seeing them in the afternoons under very strict infection-control precautions.


Because we will need to move even more kids through the office for delayed well visits in the summertime to meet everyone’s needs, we are asking you to think ahead with us. Things that CAN be taken care of now, ought to be done separate from well visit time. For example, we know that for convenience, families often come to a well visit with a list of other health items that they have been wanting to discuss with us. Topics like allergies/asthma, mood issues, medication checks, medical complexities, behavioral/developmental questions (toilet training, temper tantrums, sibling issues, meeting milestones, school struggles) and other general concerns would be GREAT to take care of for you now. This way, when well visit time comes, we are able to meet the built up need that is rising as a result of this pandemic.

If you child has chronic issues for discussion or new concerns that you are “saving up”, please call us to schedule a Telehealth visit while we all have this available time.

We cannot create more hours in the day, but we can use our time now and then as wisely as possible. (And, we have LOVED it when the kids want to show us their rooms!)

Thank you for your consideration and be well.

The Doctors & Staff at MSP

Coronavirus Update: 3/12/20

We are starting to see systematic “social distancing” in our world. Schools are closing and events are being canceled in order to minimize the face-to-face contact that leads to respiratory viral disease spread. These are (inconvenient but) generally effective precautions to slow down the spread of disease so that you, your children, and their grandparents are protected AND our medical systems are not overwhelmed by too many people becoming seriously sick all at once.

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The Good News Is….

Infants and children appear to experience coronavirus with very mild symptoms. Typically this includes the familiar symptoms of a cold: runny and stuffy nose, cough and fever. They tend to not have the severe illness course that we are hearing about in the elderly.

How do I know whether my child’s cold symptoms are from coronavirus?

The short answer is: you may not know. And, very importantly, if the symptoms are mild (s/he “perks up” when the fever is down, drinks enough to urinate at least once every 4 hours (infants) or 8 hours (toddlers and older children) and shows no signs of difficulty breathing) we do not really need to know for the sake of caring for that child. Having said that, a sick child needs to be kept isolated from other people to avoid spread. As we start to see more community spread of coronavirus in Baltimore, children will get COVID 19 illness and because it will be mild, there will not be any need to test them. The purpose of having a test is to help doctors determine what is causing a very sick patient to get sicker. In a stable child with cold symptoms, even in a pandemic situation, we will treat them as if they have a contagious viral illness. We will watch them carefully and teach you to watch them carefully for any signs of worsening illness.

But, I want to know if my child is infected!

We understand that sometimes it is reassuring given everything that is going on just to get checked out. We are working on being able to run tests from our office but we only anticipate using them when children are worrisomely sick, without another identified cause, which is not expected to be very often. Once again, if your child’s symptoms are not causing distressing respiratory symptoms, there is no need to test them since it will not lead to any specific medicinal treatment, as none exist at this time.

So what do I do if my child has cold symptoms?

More than ever, it is important to practice good infection control. Cover coughs with tissues and then discard them, wash hands (for 20 seconds!) when coming inside your home, before eating, after touching your face and after caring for a sick child. Keep your child away from others until s/he is fever free for AT LEAST 24 hours.

What if my child has had a cold and then gets worse?

THIS IS EXACTLY WHEN YOU NEED TO CALL US! As you know, sometimes a cold is the breeding ground for an ear infection or pneumonia. To avoid possible coronavirus spread in our office, we are prepared with the ability to increase physician phone triage and the use of Telehealth visits as alternatives to face-to-face visits, when appropriate. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE CALL US BEFORE COMING TO THE OFFICE so that we can make the necessary preparations based on what we know about any local spread at that time.

A word about the psychological effects of social distancing and pandemics on our children (and ourselves!)

Social distancing and disruption of routines puts a strain on everyone’s mental health. We need to remind our kids about, and demonstrate our own, resiliency. Please limit media exposure for all family member. Too much exposure to what seems scary leads to unnecessarily heightened anxiety. Keep your kids in a routine: getting dressed, brushing teeth, regular meals, naptimes, homework even if doing remote learning, outdoor play and regular bedtimes. (Remember how they get at holiday time when there are too many days of no/low structure?!) Remind them what we do have control over to keep ourselves healthy: washing hands and covering coughs AND staying home after illness until we are truly well before returning to the wider community. If you suspect your child is not adapting well (very irritable, acting out, crying, withdrawn), we have resources in our office to help.

We continue to be here to help you navigate this health situation with factual information. When you do read news, be sure it is from a reliable scientific or public health source. Stay calm and focus on what you can do to prepare to keep your children safe both physically and emotionally. Children read our emotional state and you can help them immensely by avoiding unnecessary panic. Teach them by example that the way we deal with uncertainty and potential medical problem is by listening to public health officials and scientists who best advise us on how to keep ourselves healthy. For more information: https://www.cdc.gov/coronaviru... https://phpa.health.maryland.g...

Coronavirus Update 2/28/20

Just when influenza is dying down, there is a new virus making headlines. This information is provided to help make what you are hearing less confusing and therefore less scary. The doctors at Main Street Pediatrics are monitoring this global health situation and staying informed of new developments with the help of Lifebridge Health, the State of Maryland Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Our offices are always prepared to help, and we will continue to do whatever is necessary to assist and assure your family’s best heath.

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What is Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can infect humans and animals. They are spread by respiratory droplet (sneezes and coughs). It is possible that there are other modes of transmission that are yet to be determined. Coronaviruses cause respiratory (cold-like) symptoms.

What is COVID-19 and why is it in the news?

Viruses do change themselves all the time. (For example, this is why the flu vaccine changes from year to year!) This novel strain of Coronavirus, named COVID-19 (“the Coronavirus that was identified in 2019”) is special because it is a strain of virus originally found in animals that is now infecting humans…and is being transmitted from human to human.

Who is at risk?

Currently, those at greatest risk are those who have had prolonged contact with a person who has confirmed COVID-19 infection and those with recent travel to China, especially the Hubei Province. Those who are elderly and those with compromised immune systems may have more difficulty recovering from this infection

What symptoms does COVID-19 cause?

COVID-19 has been reported to cause a mild to severe respiratory illness with fever, cough and sometimes difficulty breathing and pneumonia. Sometimes this has progressed to severe respiratory distress and septic shock.

What is the treatment for COVID-19?

The treatment is “supportive”, meaning staying hydrated and treating fever and cough with age appropriate over-the-counter medications. Currently, there is no medicine to cure this viral illness. There is no vaccine currently available and creating one for general distribution will take 12-18 months.

Are children at increased risk?

There is no evidence that children are more susceptible to this virus than adults. Studies thus far have shown that children with confirmed COVID-19 have generally presented with mild symptoms. However as with other respiratory illnesses, children with underlying health conditions (for example, severe asthma, cystic fibrosis, diabetes and sickle cell disease, to name a few) may be at increased risk of more significant infection.

What can I do to protect my children and family?

Practical, routine measures are the best. Since there are no confirmed cases in Maryland right now, we have the opportunity to reinforce these common practical measures

1. Teach your children infection control measures: wash your hands thoroughly (lather with soap for the time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” TWICE) and frequently (when you come home from work or school, before eating, after being in public spaces, after caring for a sick child or sneezing or coughing into your own hand).

2. Keep kids home when they have symptoms of illness and model the same behavior yourself.

3. Cough or sneeze into your elbow, or a tissue that you throw away and then wash your hands. Teach your kids to do the same.

4. Keep your home well supplied with the regular medications that people need and use.

5. Be sure your children are up to date on the usual and recommended childhood vaccines. This can help prevent other infections that can come after having viral illnesses.

6. Make sure that you have signed up for Main Street Pediatrics health emails so that we can keep you informed.

7. For more information, visit the CDC’s website: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html 

We are here to help you navigate this health situation with factual information. When you do read news, be sure it is from a reliable scientific or public health source. Focus on what you can do to prepare to keep your children safe both physically and emotionally. Children read our emotional state and you can help them immensely by avoiding unnecessary panic. Teach them by example that the way we deal with uncertainty and potential medical problems is by listening to public health officials and scientists who best advise us on how to keep ourselves healthy.

Main Street Pediatrics is delighted to offer you Telehealth Services

Main Street Pediatrics is delighted to offer you Telehealth services. Your physician will need to determine if a telehealth type visit (phone and video) would be medically appropriate as well as whether telehealth services are covered by your insurance carrier. If you are interested, please contact our office to inquire further.

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Situations that may be appropriate for a telehealth visit include:

- Discussion visits about medical, emotional or behavioral concerns when you or the patient are unable to make an office visit (for example, for a college student living away from home or if there are significant transportation issues to the office).

- A dermatology only visit (simple rash with no other concerning symptoms)

- Certain after hour situations which may be better assessed by telehealth than just a phone call.

The following insurers offer telehealth visit coverage through Main Street Pediatrics: All Blue Cross/Blue Shield policies (EXCEPT Federal employees) as well as all LifeBridge Health based insurances. These insurers will cover a telehealth visit as if it were an office visit (same copay or deductibles would apply). We are working with other insurers to expand coverage for these services. In addition, you must be located in Maryland or an adjacent state for insurance to cover a telehealth visit.

Main Street named Best Pediatrician for Baltimore's Child Readers Choice Award.

We are excited to announce that Main Street Pediatrices was named best pediatric practice in Baltimore's Child Magazine Readers Choice Awards. Thank you to our families for your ongoing support. We love what we do!

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Office Policy Update

We have recently updated our office policy regarding the privacy of our young adult patients. For our families with adult, or soon to be adult dependents, we ask that you fill out HIPAA privacy paperwork instructing us on how to manage medical information pertaining to their care.

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Click here if you want to view or fill out this paperwork.

New App!

There is a new service being offered at Main Street. Everseat is an application you can use on your smartphone that is a family-friendly, convenient and efficient way to select appointments at our offices.

New Patient Portal

We’re excited to offer a new online tool that provides anywhere, anytime access to your personal health records! With our new patient portal, you can manage your health, communicate with your providers and make more informed decisions about your care – 24/7 from any computer, smartphone or tablet.

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With our Patient Portal, you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Review your medical records online in a safe, secure environment
  • Communicate privately with physicians via secure messaging
  • View test and lab results
  • Update your health information (allergies, medications, conditions, etc)
  • Request prescription renewals
  • Request or change appointments
  • Create one proxy account that accesses the medical records for ALL your children or dependent adults

There are numerous benefits of the Patient Portal, including:

  • SAVING TIME! No more waiting on hold to speak to staff or schedule appointments
  • IT’S CONVENIENT! Anywhere anytime access lets you communicate on your time
  • IT’S PRIVATE: Secure messaging ensures privacy between you and your physician
  • MORE CHOICE: Gives patients a new way to communicate with their doctor
  • SET & TRACK GOALS: Use the portal to track your health conditions/wellness goal and chart progress
  • PATIENT-CONTROLLED: You own your portal and all of the data within it and control who sees what
  • Create one proxy account that accesses the medical records for ALL your children or dependent adults

There are numerous benefits of the Patient Portal, including:

Just stop by our front desk and we’ll get you started. Or, click to register, and a staff member from our office will contact you by phone to complete the registration process.

Downloading the app is simple, just click here: app.everseat.com , or click the Everseat icon at the bottom of our home page. You can also visit the App Store or Google Play to download the Everseat app to your iPhone or Android. To sign up, you simply need to register your child (or if you have more than one child, then register each child), designate your regular pediatrician as your favorite, and let the app know when you are interested in making an appointment. A message is then sent to our receptionist who will confirm, or if necessary, arrange an alternate appointment. Appointments currently available through Everseat include acute illnesses, last minute available check-ups and some consultation visits. If we get a positive response from our patients about using Everseat, we hope to expand your scheduling capability through Everseat in the future.

Towson Office

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Walk-in hours:
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8:30am - 5:00pm
Morning Urgent Care

Foundry Row Office

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Meet Us

The physicians at Main Street are all board certified pediatricians who bring a comprehensive yet individualistic approach to our practice.

  • Daniel Poliakoff

    Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine

    Residency: Virginia Commonwealth University Health Systems/Children's Hospital of Richmond, Richmond, VA

    Clinical Interests: General Pediatrics, Mental and Behavioral Health, Clinical Hypnosis

    Personal: I enjoy spending time with my wife and three kids, being an active member of our community, studying Jewish law and philosophy, and playing music.

    Office: Foundry Row

  • Amil Qureshi
    , DO

    Medical School: New York College of Osteopathic Medicine

    Residency: Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
    Master of Medical Management: Carnegie Mellon University

    Clinical Interests: Early childhood development and parental bonding, preventive care, adolescent care, and transition of care from adolescent to adult

    Personal: I live with my lovely wife and 2 dogs, and enjoy spending time with my family, gardening, photography and travel.

    Office: Towson

  • Dorothy Simonsson

    Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA

    Residency: MetroHealth Medical Center/Case Western Reserve, Cleveland, OH

    Clinical Interests: General Pediatrics

    Personal: I enjoy spending time with my husband, being involved with our church and traveling abroad.

    Office: Towson

  • Teresa Mark

    Medical School: Johns Hopkins

    Residency: Johns Hopkins

    Clinical Interests: General Pediatrics

    Personal: I love spending time with my husband David and cuddling with our 2 cats. I enjoy trying new recipes, baking, scrap-booking, and sketching in my free time.

    Office: Towson

  • Teresa Fuller
    MD, PhD

    Medical School: Howard University

    Residency: University of Maryland

    Additional training: Doctorate in physiology, certification in integrative holistic pediatrics

    Clinical interests: Holistic medical care, mental and behavioral health, and nutritional needs for children and adolescents

    Personal: I am married with two children. I enjoy writing, reading, church activities and learning new things.

    Office: Foundry Row

  • Bonnie Orzech

    Medical School: SUNY Buffalo

    Residency: Johns Hopkins

    Clinical Interests: General Pediatrics

    Personal: I am married with three children and enjoy having fun keeping up with their sports and activities! I also enjoy running, church activities, and school volunteering. 

    Office: Foundry Row

  • Deborah Bittar

    Medical School: Johns Hopkins

    Residency: Johns Hopkins

    Clinical Interests: Behavioral and developmental pediatrics and adolescent medicine.

    Personal: I am married with three children and I enjoy taking my dog on walks in the park and attending dance and theater events.

    Office: Towson

  • Peter Claybour

    Medical School: Georgetown University

    Residency: Johns Hopkins

    Clinical Interests: Preventive pediatric and adolescent medicine

    Personal: I am married with two children. In my free time, I coach soccer, play piano and enjoy camping and hiking. 

    Office: Towson

  • Paul Bodnar

    Medical School: Columbia University

    Residency: Johns Hopkins

    Clinical Interests: The welfare of my patients and families

    Personal: I enjoy classical music, lacrosse, hiking, biking, fine wines, professional bull riding and spending time with my wife, two children and three grandchildren.

    Office: Towson

  • Rose Mulaikal

    Medical School: Kasturba Medical College, India

    Residency: Baltimore City Hospital (Bayview Medical Center)

    Fellowship: Pediatric Endocrinology, Johns Hopkins.

    Clinical Interests: Adolescent medicine and pediatric endocrinology

    Personal: I am married with two daughters. I enjoy gardening, walking, playing tennis and spending time with family and friends.

    Office: Towson

  • Anthony Vazzano

    Medical School: UMDNJ, New Jersey Medical School

    Residency: University of Maryland

    Clinical Interests: General Pediatrics

    Personal: I live in Owings Mills with my wife and three children. I enjoy tennis, racquetball, running, playing guitar and sailing.

    Office: Foundry Row

  • Sara Spinner- Block

    Medical School: Case Western Reserve University

    Residency: Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital, Cleveland, OH

    Clinical Interests: Weight management

    Personal: I am married with two sons. My hobbies include yoga, gardening and running.

    Office: Foundry Row

  • Jonathan Surell

    Medical School: University of Maryland

    Residency: Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

    Fellowship: General Pediatrics, Johns, Hopkins.

    Clinical Interests: School issues, developmental evaluation

    Personal: I am married with three children. My hobbies include travel, listening to music and attending spectator sporting events.

    Office: Towson

  • Nevin Body MD

    Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

    Residency: Sinai Children’s Hospital, Baltimore, MD Fellowship: General Pediatrics, Johns, Hopkins.

    Clinical Interests: General Pediatrics, breastfeeding issues, skin conditions and contraceptive management.

    Personal:I am married with one son and enjoy being outdoors, knitting, cooking and baking. Office: Foundry Row

    Office: Towson

What patients are saying about our practice

  • "They are knowledgable, friendly and they care…The staff at this office is great; they are always able to get us in the same day for a sick appointment and are very friendly."
  • "I love the office staff as well. I have had to make several [urgent] appts and they were always helpful and able to squeeze me in no matter how late in the day I called."
  • "The office staff is consistently friendly and courteous they are good appeasing and relaxing kids. They always accommodate our last minute requests for appointments. The practice is very responsive during urgent situations, at some point, even delaying closing the office to see us for a cut on the eyebrow and took stitches. Office is open late some days during the week and on Saturdays morning."
  • "Recently switched to Main Street Peds and I can't say enough great things about them! The entire office is very nice and accommodating. On two occasions the doctors have called to check in on our kids unexpectedly. Once after an ER visit with our daughter and once after several days of fighting croup. Proving that they really care about their patients."
  • "The office staff is friendly, phone calls are returned in a timely manner, and go out of their way to deliver top service."
  • "I cannot say enough nice things about Main Street Pediatrics!...I will happily travel to them for the best care around."
  • "We also love The Main Street staff. It is a big practice but we never feel it!"
    MSP Feedback
  • "Main Street Pediatrics has been amazing for our family…We have always been able to get quick appointments when sickness happens and we never wait more than 5 minutes in the waiting room. Waiting room staff are exceptionally pleasant and are always prompt when assisting you with scheduling and checking out. We wouldn't go anywhere else!"
  • "We have also had great experiences with all the staff. The new location is bright and built with kids in mind. The walk-in appointments are always available. Couldn't ask for better care."
  • "My kids actually enjoy going to see their doctor…All of the staff is helpful and caring and I don't think we've ever waited more than 10 minutes in their waiting room after dozens of visits."
  • "I love this pediatric office and I definitely made a good choice in choosing it 3 years ago:)"
  • "…everyone at Main Street Pediatrics is the best, they have great patient service, friendly and prompt."
  • "I never have any trouble getting an appointment for well or sick visits and my phone calls with questions are always returned promptly. We feel very fortunate to have found this practice…"
  • "We were always able to get appointments with Main Street Pediatrics when our boys were sick."
  • "The entire office is friendly and runs with an efficiency that I've never before seen in a doctors office."
  • "All of his office staff from front end to billing are very friendly and willing to help in any way they can. We never have a problem getting an appointment and they are very quick with return calls to questions. All in all a fantastic pediatric practice!"
  • "They are available for urgent care visits on weekends if needed, and are very knowledgeable and supportive."
  • "We are EXTREMELY happy with Main Street Pediatrics!...Not only do we love our son's doctor but the front desk staff are all so kind...We would recommend them to every parent looking for a reliable doctors office. The whole is office is wonderful."
  • "I would highly recommend this practice to anyone!"

Towson Office

849 Fairmount Avenue
Dulaney Center 1 Building Suite 100 A
Towson, MD 21286  

Tel: 410-494-1369
Fax: 410-494-2737
Urgent after-hours: 410-494-1362 

Towson Office Hours

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Morning Urgent Care


Morning Urgent Care

Foundry Row Office

10084 Reisterstown Road
Life Bridge Health Building Suite 200 B
Owings Mills, MD 21117  

Tel: 410-526-7993
Fax: 410-526-5144
Urgent after-hours: 410-526-7993  

Foundry Row Office Hours

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Ill children can now be tested for Covid19 at Main Street Pediatrics’ offices.

As always, Main Street Pediatrics wants to be as helpful as we can be, to your family when you need us.

On the illness side of our offices: We are now able to offer the gold standard PCR test for those children that we see for any illness that might suggest a COVID diagnosis. We have expanded those sick office times, and all testing is done in full protective equipment. Appointments must be pre-screened and scheduled by our offices, so please call us if you have illness concerns. This service is also available weekend mornings by calling between 8 and 10am.

On our well side: Both offices continue our remarkably careful precautions to offer you the best and safest care available. Well visits are scheduled in a staggered fashion, with prescreening one day in advance of an appointment and at the door. Our staff escorts one adult with a child to your thoroughly cleaned exam room, masked, face-shielded and 6 foot distanced. Separate entrances and exits are used for well and sick patients so there is no contact. Don’t miss your child’s well visit
to maintain your family’s health, happiness and well-being.

Call us if we can help with any concerns.