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Main Street Pediatrics Now Offering Telehealth Services

Main Street Pediatrics is delighted to offer you Telehealth services. Your physician will need to determine if a telehealth type visit (phone and video) would be medically appropriate as well as whether telehealth services are covered by your insurance carrier. If you are interested, please contact our office to inquire further.

Situations that may be appropriate for a telehealth visit include:

– Discussion visits about medical, emotional or behavioral concerns when you or the patient are unable to make an office visit (for example, for a college student living away from home or if there are significant transportation issues to the office).

– A dermatology only visit (simple rash with no other concerning symptoms)

– Certain after hour situations which may be better assessed by telehealth than just a phone call.

The following insurers offer telehealth visit coverage through Main Street Pediatrics: All Blue Cross/Blue Shield policies (EXCEPT Federal employees) as well as all LifeBridge Health based insurances. These insurers will cover a telehealth visit as if it were an office visit (the same copay or deductibles would apply). We are working with other insurers to expand coverage for these services. In addition, you must be located in Maryland or an adjacent state for insurance to cover a telehealth visit.