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It’s Back-to-School Time: Help your child navigate their back-to-school anxiety.

As parents, it’s natural to be concerned about how your children feel as they start a new year. Here are some helpful tips that can make the back to school experience smoother and more enjoyable
for your child .

Tip 1

Maintain open communication with your child encouraging them to share their feelings about going back to school. Ask questions like:

  • what are you looking forward to at school this year
  • is there anything that’s worrying you

Tip 2

Take a trip to the school before the first day. Walk around the school locating their classroom and if possible meet their teacher, Familiarity can reduce feelings of uncertainty This can make the first day feel less intimidating as they’ll already have a sense of what to expect

Tip 3

Start adjusting their sleep schedule a week or two before school begins routine provides a sense of stability that can ease anxiety. Also plan out a morning routine that includes a nutritious breakfast and some calming activities.

Tip 4

Teach your child relaxation techniques deep breathing exercises and simple mindfulness activities can help them manage anxious thoughts.

Tip 5

Help your child set small achievable goals for the upcoming school year. Things like making new friends, trying a new activity, or improving a skill can foster a positive mindset.

Remember every child’s experience with back-to-school anxiety is different . Be patient and show them that you’re there to support and guide them through this transition.

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