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Insurance Coverage

Dear families,

Many Insurance Companies and Maryland Medical Assistance expanded coverage during the past several months, recognizing the dire need for increased access to physicians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, insurance carriers are now cutting back on these measures. Dates of change and the specific changes vary widely, but we want you to be aware of the possible impact on you and Main Street Pediatrics.

First and foremost: Main Street Pediatrics will not limit your appropriate access to our pediatricians. We remain available every day of the year, 24 hours per day. We will continue to offer Telehealth services or phone call services whenever they are appropriate, and we can always see you/your child in the office when that is indicated.

However, some insurers (check with your own, and complain if you need to) have decided to reduce their coverage of services, including:

1. discontinuing coverage of Telehealth well visits.

2. discontinuing coverage for telephone call visits.

3. reinstituting copays and deductibles for all services.

Main Street Pediatrics will continue to offer these services and charge appropriately to your insurance company. If your carrier does not honor our charges, it is possible that you will be billed for these services.

Main Street Pediatrics and your doctor are certainly concerned about the impact of fees on families, especially given the monetary strain of many during this pandemic. We do ask for payment within 30 days of receipt of billing (we need to pay our staff and our increased overhead too in this very difficult time). However, if you are unable to pay, please discuss a payment plan with our billing company and let your physician know if you are in financial distress.

Main Street Pediatrics now offers the latest Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and the flu vaccine, recommended by the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics for ages 6 months and above. Please call our office to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine visit for your child. For more details read our recent blog post.