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Hila Sella, MD

Office: Foundry Row
Medical School: Medical College of Georgia
Residency: Johns Hopkins
Clinical Interests: Adolescent health, mental health

Pediatrician in Owings Mills, MD

My journey to medicine started with a biology class for non-science majors at Georgia State University during my Freshman year of college. I quickly realized that the mechanics of life, disease and the human body were fascinating to me in a way that other subjects were just.. not. After college, I did research at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA/NIH), where I focused on advancing our understanding of drivers of drug abuse and relapse. I also spent time volunteering in a health clinic for the homeless at the Baltimore Rescue Mission. There, I discovered the joy of applying science and textbook knowledge in real time to help someone in front of me feel a bit better, even if for a moment. After the NIH, I worked on vaccine technology research at the CDC in Atlanta, GA. I attended medical school at the Medical College of Georgia, where I continued my volunteer efforts at a free medical clinic for the LGBTQI community in the southeast. I did my pediatric training at the Johns Hopkins Hospital Children’s Center in Baltimore, MD. As a resident, I had my two children (back-to-back) and quickly learned how terrifying and difficult it can be to be a first-time parent, from breastfeeding to toddler tantrums to picky-eating.  It was then I decided to dedicate my career to bringing evidence-based medicine to families in my community. My practice allows me to weave my love of childhood development, family dynamics, infectious disease, adolescent and mental health and more into one career.