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We’re excited to offer a new online tool that provides anywhere, anytime access to your personal health records! With our new patient portal, you can manage your health, communicate with your providers and make more informed decisions about your care – 24/7 from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Just stop by our front desk and we’ll get you started. Or, click on the “FollowMyHealth” button on the right-hand side to register. A staff member from our office will contact you to complete the registration process.

With our Patient Portal, you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Review your medical records online in a safe, secure environment
  • Communicate privately with physicians via secure messaging
  • View test and lab results
  • Update your health information (allergies, medications, conditions, etc)
  • Request Rx renewals
  • Request or change appointments
  • Create proxy accounts for children or dependent adults

There are numerous benefits of the Patient Portal, including:

  • SAVE TIME! No more waiting on hold to speak to staff or schedule appointments
  • IT’S CONVENIENT! Anywhere anytime access lets you communicate on your time
  • IT’S PRIVATE: Secure messaging ensures privacy between you and your physician
  • MORE CHOICE: Gives patients a new way to communicate with their doctor
  • SET & TRACK GOALS: Use the portal to track your health conditions/wellness goals and chart progress
  • PATIENT-CONTROLLED: You own your portal and all of the data within it and control who sees what

Click here to view or download the complete Patient Portal User Guide. Or follow the quick guide links below to learn about particular features of the Patient Portal:


Get started as a new user (click to read more)

There are two ways you can sign up to use FollowMyHealth:

1. Stop by at our front desk and fill out a registration form. Our office staff will then send you an email with an invitation to connect to your medical record. You will then complete the medical record online.

2. Go to our website and click on the FollowMyHealth button from any web page, Click the "I need to sign up" button and fill out your registration information. Our office staff will then contact you by phone to confirm your information and send you an email with an invitation to connect to your medical record. If you have minor dependents, or adult-age dependents who prefer for you to have access to their medical records, your invitation will come in the form of a Proxy Account. Within a Proxy account, you can have a separate portal account for each of your dependents. Note: if you are requesting access to your adult dependents, you will need to fill out a separate authorization releasing this information to the parent. These forms can be obtained by stopping at our front desk or downloading them from our website at

To view more detail about signing up as a new user, you can click here to view or download our PDF user guide.


Using the Toolbar (click to read more)

The static toolbar is available from all FollowMyHealth windows and tabs. The toolbar allows you to compose email messages, request appointments, view the signed-in user or authorized individual, access "My Account", change the portal language, and search from the static toolbar.


Compose a secure FollowMyHealth message to any connected provider who has enabled messaging.

Request Appt

Request an appointment with any provider who has enabled online appointment requests.


Displays who is signed in to FollowMyHealth. You can use the list to access authorized individual accounts assigned to you.

My Account

Configure connections to providers, billing, and preferences; sign out from the application, and find Support and Help information.


Click "Espanol" to change the user interface to the Spanish language.


Click the "Search" icon to search all tabs in FollowMyHealth.

To see more detail about the Static toolbar, click here to view or download our PDF user guide.


Features of the Home tab (click to read more)

The Home tab is the first tab to display after you sign in. You can compose a message, view your health summary, manage activities, appointments, and applications from the Home tab.

Health Summary

The Health Summary section includes basic information about the patient, including age, gender, height, weight, body mass index (BMI, blood pressure, and primary insurance.

The information under Health Summary is pulled from the clinical item tabs in My Health.

Action Center

The Action Center section on the Home tab notifies you of items that require your attention. You can view an Action Center list or a calendar view. Action items for patients that your are an authorized individual for are also listed on Action Center under the patient's name.

Recent Activity

The Recent Activity section on the Home tab shows the most recent activity in your patient portal account.


You can view request schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments from the Appointments section on the Home tab. There are 3 tabs under appointments:

Request an appointment

You can request an appointment with a provider from the Appointments section on the Home tab. From the Appointments section, click Request, select the provider, organization, and the appointment type, Other. Enter the reason for the appointment. From My Available Times, select the day(s), time(s) that you desire, and click Add This Time Slot for each time slot requested. Click the Submit button and then the OK button.

View upcoming appointments

Future appointments are listed in the Upcoming tab located in the Appointments section.

Reschedule an appointment

You can reschedule appointments on the Upcoming tab located in the Appointments section on the Home tab. A secure message is sent to your provider requesting to reschedule the appointment. It might take a day for the appointment to be removed from the Upcoming tab. A Pending Reschedule label is displayed with the appointment on the Upcoming tab until the appointment is confirmed.

Cancel an appointment

Cancel appointments in the Upcoming tab located in the Appointments section on the Home tab. A Pending Cancellation label is displayed with the appointment on the Upcoming tab until the appointment is canceled.

View past and other appointments

Past and other appointments are listed in the Past and Other tabs, located in the Appointments section on the Home tab.

App Center

The App Center section on the Home tab provides access to applications that are installed on FollowMyHealth and enables you to install more applications.

To see more information on the Home tab, click here to view or download a PDF file of the user guide.


How to manage your Inbox (click to read more)

The Inbox tab contains all of the secure messages sent to and received from organizations that are connected to your universal healthcare record account.

Compose email messages

Create and send email messages to communicate with your healthcare provider.

Create and edit Inbox folders

Add or modify mail folders to organize your messages.

To see more information on the Home tab, click here to view or download a PDF file of the user guide.


Ways to view My Health (click to read more)

The My Health tab contains all the information about your healthcare, including conditions, medications, allergies, immunizations, test results, vital signs, documents, and your medical chart.

You can view all sections of My Health on the Summary tab, or, you can go to each section by clicking the section tab or selecting the section from the My Health tab menu.


The Summary tab on My Health provides a current snapshot of your active medical information. This includes your Demographics, your Care Team, your Diagnoses, your past Surgical History, your Allergies, Medications and Recent Vitals.

Manage your care team list

The My Care Team list on the Summary tab provides a quick contact list of your frequently used healthcare providers. You can also remove providers from the list and edit the provider information.

Import clinical summary documents

You can add any HL7 Clinical Document Architecture-compliant XML file, such as a continuity of care document (CCD) or clinical summary document to your healthcare record. These documents are provided by most healthcare organizations and can often be exported from personal health records and patient portals.

Download clinical summary documents

You can download (export) your clinical summary documents. Documents are exported as an HL7 Clinical Document Architecture-compliant XML file, such as a continuity of care document (CCD). You can save this file to your hard drive or external storage device such as a USB drive.

Email clinical summary documents

You can email your clinical summary documents to your provider or other interested parties. Documents are transmitted as a continuity of care document (CCD). When you email your information, you can encrypt and password-protect the electronic message, but you must share the password with the recipient or they cannot open the file.


Conditions are known problems or diagnoses. FollowMyHealth tracks active conditions, past medical history, surgical history, family health considerations, and personal health considerations.

In the Conditions section, you can Add an active condition, add a surgical history condition, add a family health condition, and add a personal health condition.


FollowMyHealth lists all active, completed, discontinued, declined, and temporary deferral medications. From the Medications tab on My Health, you can add, delete and edit medications, request a renewal and add a preferred pharmacy.

Add a pharmacy

From the Medications tab on My Health, click Edit under Preferred Pharmacy. By default, your ZIP Code is displayed when Pharmacy search opens. You can change the value.

Request a medication renewal

If you use the online request, there is no need to call the office to request the renewal If you have refills left on your prescription, please notify the pharmacy. Online renewal requests must only be used when you are out of refills. To change the pharmacy where the renewal is filled, click Change in Pharmacy Location.


FollowMyHealth lists all active, resolved, denied, and inactive allergies. To add an Allergy, click Add Allergy in the Allergies tab.


Unfortunately, the Patient Portal is unable to extract your immunization record from your medical chart. You can, however, add immunizations that you have received in the past that are not yet added to your personal health record.

You can view the most current Centers for Disease Control by clicking View Schedule. You can view vaccine information sheets by clicking on the InfoButton education icon next to the immunization in question. You can use the Send menu to email, print, or fax your immunization record.

Vital signs

You can view vitals signs as recorded in your medical record, or you can add vital signs by clicking the Add Vital button.


FollowMyHealth lists lab results ordered by your medical provider. You can also manually add results by clicking on the Add Result option.

You can also graph results that contain 3 or more results or data points.

Add a document

You can upload .jpeg, .png, .txt, and .pdf document file types.


All information from My Health can be viewed in the Chart tab. View all items from your record sorted by date, such as the date when the item was first filed to your universal health record.

To view more detail about My Health, click here to view or download a PDF file of our user guide.


How to view and edit My Info (click to read more)

The My Info tab contains your demographic information. From the Demographics tab, you can manage your basic information, insurance, emergency contacts, and the person who is responsible for your account.

To view more information about My Info, you can click here to view or download a PDF file of the user guide.

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